• Jackie Riddoch, Grampian Fire and Safety Ltd

    We have work with Fyfe Moir & Associates for many years now and have always found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of our business and personal financial requirements.

    We are delighted by the quality of service we continue to receive from Alan and his team and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

    This is an accountancy firm really committed to saving the client money.

  • Grant Fairbairn, Contempo Lettings

    My friend, Chris Minchin was having some trouble with his current accountant. I recommended Fyfe Moir & Associates and he has been delighted with the extremely professional, fast service he has received from the very first meeting with you.

    I am delighted to have recommended you [and] I will have no hesitation recommending your services in the future.

  • Elaine Main - Personal Tax

    Thanks for your quick turnaround of our personal tax forms.

    The efficient, personal service we recieve from Fyfe Moir & Associates is greatly apprieciated.

    Robert and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

  • Elaine Main - Company Testimonial

    I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for the professional and effectient way that Fyfe Moir & Associates handle our company businesses.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family in the future should they require your assistance.

  • Stuart Fraser - FM Construction

    We have been a client of Fyfe Moir & Associates (FMA) for the last two years. FMA have an outstanding professional approach to dealing with our accounts. Any time a query has been submitted the response is always recieved within the same day and explained very clearly.

    FMA's guidance has been second to none and we would certainly recommend them to others.

  • Dr. Eline Pedersen - Aberdeen Chiropractor Clinic

    You might think that getting an accountant is just a thing you have to do to, pay your taxes, and the worst part is that you don't just have to pay your Taxes but the accountant too! My accountant is different.

    I have used Alan Moir for the last 11 years. He is not just an Accountant. Alan has been an amazing support. He is an innovative Business Consultant and Business Trainer and he has a team of Accountants and Tax Advisers that are second to none.

    Alan and Fyfe Moir & Associates do not just save me taxes in legal ways. My company has been totally restructured, not just in the way we deal with internal affairs but also external affairs following Alan's advice.

    No matter how many clients FMA has you always feel special, appreciated and cared for.

    Thank you for your friendship, humour, priceless support and knowledge, Alan.

  • Steve Brand -  G5 Technologies

    Alan and his team have done G5’s accounts for over 10 years now and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for the peace of mind this has provided.


    They recently assisted us with our Company Pensions ensuring that our staging date for Auto Enrolment was met.  This could have been a stressful time but it was all completed for us with a minimum of fuss.


    Our monthly and annual accounts are always done on a very timely basis and Alan is very proactive in providing additional support and effective mentoring if and when required.  His team are a credit to him, answering any questions with the utmost professionalism.


    I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Fyfe Moir and Associates to anyone looking for assistance with Tax, Accounts or Company Pensions.


  • Elaine Main - Managing Director

    I have known Alan Moir, in a business capacity for over 10 years now and he has always conducted our accountancy requirements efficiently and with the level of support required when running a business.

    Whether you need advice or assistance to set up a new company or run an existing company, I can highly recommend Alan Moir and the team at
    Fyfe Moir Associates”

  • Alan Law - AL Global Phones

    We have always received a very professional service from Fyfe Moir & Associates and would thoroughly recommend their services.

  • Andrew Smith – Aberdeen Business Network

    I’m now into my third year as a member of one of Alan's BBF (Business Builder Forum) Groups. Each month Alan takes us through a key business topic, laden with excellent case studies and supplemented by Alan's understanding of our respective businesses. The second part of each meeting has more group work, updating goals, discussing challenges and generally helping each other out. Alan is starting a third BBF group and I would strongly recommend this to business owners with serious plans to grow and prosper. It has become a vital and necessary part of my business strategy.

  • Dave Gill - BPH

    BPH plumbing and heating Ltd have worked with Fyfe Moir & associates since the start and found his knowledge and advice and guidance invaluable.

    Alan and his staff do the little things like answering your call first time and calling you back without delay which i find important and it's much appreciated.


    I would advise anyone starting up for the first time, or anyone who feel they need more from their existing accountant to give alan a call you will not be left disappointed.


    I am delighted to have recommended you [and] I will have no hesitation recommending your services in the future.

  • Dolce Vita Flowers

    My friend, Chris Minchinwas having some trouble with his current accountant. I recommended Fyfe Moir & Associates and he has been delighted with the extremely professional, fast service he has received from the very first meeting with you.

    I am delighted to have recommended you [and] I will have no hesitation recommending your services in the future.

  • Len Horn

    I chose Fyfe Moir Associates through a personal recommendation and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of service. These past few years as a limited company through to retirement could not have gone smoother thanks to the support given by Alan and his team,,, .. Quality service with a capital 'Q'I am delighted to have recommended you [and] I will have no hesitation recommending your services in the future.

  • Kenneth Mackay – Initiative 2 Limited

    Alan is NOT our accountant, but we have come to rely on his expertise for various added-value business consultancy. We have enjoyed and benefited from his Business Builder Forum, which I can highly recommend. That, combined with his forthright manner, has focused us on doing the right things to grow our business.

    I have had no hesitation in engaging him for additional assistance.

  • Tim Waters – Posh Taxis

    I have had the pleasure of working with Alan on and off for quite a few years now. An extremely honest and hard working individual, the recent developments at FMA (i.e. the Business Builder Forums) have ignited his passion for helping businesses grow and provide the perfect opportunity to do what he does best - cut straight to the point focusing on adding significant value to his clients.

  • Judith MacDonald – Contempo Lettings

    Alan has a fantastic reputation in Aberdeen and I can see why.

    He is nothing short of expert in his field and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in practical accounting. I know a lot of Alan's clients personally and they have nothing but praise for the work he does.

    I recently attended a fantastic training session delivered by Alan and not only was it fun, interactive and perfectly pitched to the audience but it had real and immediate results for my own business when I started to apply the tips and advice I had picked up.

    Thank you Alan and keep up the great work!!

  • Rod Leach – Spotless Commercial Cleaning Limited

    I have known Alan for over 4 years now and over this time have built a great deal or trust and professional opinion of him.
    Only quite recently have I actually paid for his service in improving myself and my business and the results speak for themselves when I look at my bottom line. I would, without hesitation, recommend anyone who owns a business that they want to grow to speak to Alan and get on one of his courses!
    If you don't want to grow your business, then don't waste his time!l

  • Graham McWilliam – RBS Corporate

    Alan is in exactly the right profession for giving sound, financial advice to his client base. What you see is what you get - an honest and upfront individual. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan and his company to others. A driven guy who gets results.

    I am delighted to have recommended you [and] I will have no hesitation recommending your services in the future.

  • Lili Hunter – Lili Hunter Consulting

    Mr Moir has been looking after my accounts since 2009. Nothing is too much bother and he explains everything in language I understand. Alan is all about solutions not problems.

    I know I am being well looked after and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

  • Dennis Winpenny – Integrated Engineering Design Limited

    Alan, has worked with my companies for over 20 years and he has always provided an excellent, professional and pro-active service. Alan performs well under pressure, he is a man of high integrity and he gets the job done right, first time, every time.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Alan to anyone requiring the services of a first class accountant.

  • Steve Brand – G5 Technologies Limited

    Alan has been our Accountant at G5 Technologies for a number of years now, the service that he and his team provide is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fyfe Moir & Associates to anyone looking for a professional and straight talking accountant.

  • Brett Jackson – Granite PR Limited

    Alan Moir is a proactive and strategic accountant who always goes the extra mile for his clients.

    Alan shows a great interest in all his clients and is well networked and connected.

  • Richard Cairney, LFI Creative

     I have no hesitation in recommending Alan Moir, partner of Fyfe Moir and Associates for growing your business. He has helped LFI Creative on numerous occasions.

  • Iain Whyte – Coach & Author

    Alan always goes the extra mile to help his clients. I have worked with Alan on several projects over the years and his standards are high. The best thing about Alan is telling you how it is. A no nonsense approach and honesty and high integrity are all packaged with Alan. I would recommend anyone who would like their Accountant to behave the way they thought they should to contact Alan; you will not be disappointed.

  • Phil Anderson – Phil Anderson Financial Services Limited

    I recently attended Alan's Business Builder sessions and I found them to be very helpful for my business. The sessions have been interesting and good fun and I am attending again through 2013.

    I cannot recommend Alan highly enough for business advice and his accountancy work.

  • Jim Shiach – Centrifuges Un-Limited

     Alan has my full respect trust in what he does for us. If you engage with him you’re sure to get value for your money.

  • Jim Riddoch – Grampian Fire & Safety

    I can recommend Alan as a business coach.

    We have tried a lot of ideas and systems which have come from the BBF and they have helped with our organisation helping us to set goals and targets.

  • Katie Goody - Thank Evans Childcare Agency Limited

    Alan provides a clear course for novices like me to learn new and thought provoking ideas of building and improving your business.

    His approach to teaching is clear and the meetings are always useful.

    Highly recommend Alan - he has taught me a lot in the short time I have been with the BBF.

  • Mike Watson - MWA (Scotland) Limited

    I took part in Alan's Business Builder forum when he first started to deliver it. Business needs structure and that's exactly what the Business Builder Forum delivers.  It creates a structure and process to help your business be more profitable and successful and allows you to spend more time working ON your business and not IN it.

    I restructured by business to allow me to take a 3 month sabbatical and live in Florida. Need I say more? :-)

  • Jackie Riddoch – Grampian Fire & Safety Limited

    We have used Fyfe Moir & Associates as our accountants since 2009 and we are very satisfied with the service they provide. They are professional, competent and efficient and are always happy to answer any queries we may have.

    Alan and his team do an excellent job and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.

  • Neil Henderson – Neil Henderson Joinery

    After moving my business accounts and bookkeeping to Fyfe Moir & Associates in August 2012, I have found they carry out their business very professionally and can't believe the speed that my invoices go out now! The response is very prompt whether it is by e-mail or telephone.

    I only wish I had used them from the start, it would've saved me many a sleepless night! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone!

  • Colin Howie - Howie & Co

    Dear Alan,


    Seminar: The fastest way to double your profits.


    I am writing to express my appreciation for your recent seminar on the fastest way to double your profits.


    It is unusual in my experience for a seminar to be both useful and entertaining, but you certainly managed to achieve this.


    I have taken a number of points from the seminar and have started to put these into practice. Even at this early stage, it is showing dividends for my business.


    I would be interested in attending any future seminars and would have no hesitation in recommending these to others.

  • Kirsty Weir - Managing Director

    My name is Kirsty Weir, Managing Director of KAI Agency, a marketing, sponsorship and events company based in Aberdeen. We are a new company, formed 5 months ago. [Time of writing - 27.04.16)


    Fyfe Moir Associates has been instrumental in the start-up of our business. Alan is much more than an accountant, he takes the time to understand our business needs and requirements whilst being a support mechanism.


    Alan's professionalism and efficiency filters down through his staff as they are a highly motivated and dedicated team that we enjoy working with.


    We can not recommend their services highly enough.

  • David Gill - BPH Plumbing Heating & Gas Services Ltd

    I would like to thank you for our continued working relationship.


    Things are always dealt with in a professional and polite manner.


    I would always look to recommend Fyfe Moir to customers who require peace of mind with excellent service in all areas.


    Alan's knowledge base has helped customers of BPH many times and he often identifies other issues and helps the customer deal with them before the become a real problem.


    W would have no hesitation in recommending Fyfe Moir for all your Accountancy requirements  at a fair and honest price.


    Thanks again.

  • Neil Henderson - Neil Henderson Joinery

    Over the past six months, I have been under scrutiny of HMRC following a tax investigation. I went to seek Alan's help after recieving scary letters to find out, that he actually likes nothing better than a good 'jostle' with the taxman.


    After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, Alan advised me on the exact documentation needed, which had a successful outcome and I'm no longer under investigation and to top it off, I didn't owe HMRC a penny.


    What I particularly liked about the service, was Alan put my mind at ease and became the main contact between me and the taxman whilst keeping me informed at all stages of the investigation.


    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alan to any other businesses.


  • David Hamilton - Spotless Commercial Cleaning

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for the work down recently on my tax return. Your early request fort the necessary information was very helpful, and this was followed by your prompt and efficient completion and submission to HMRC.


    I was delighted with your service and will have no hesitation in recommending Fyfe Moir to anyone seeking good, professional taxt advice.

  • Carole Y Bruce - VT Wealth Management

    Just a short note reflecting the outstanding feedback VT Wealth Management received from a client we referred to Fyfe Moir & Associates for an Overseas tax return.


    Our client commented on the warm welcome he received from the girls on his arrival through to the expert advice he recieved from Alan himself.


    VT Wealth Management will have no hesitation referring clients to Fyfe Moir & Associates.

  • Stuart Fraser - FM Construction

    Dear Alan,


    I am writing to let you know how impressed I have been with the high level of customer service we have received from all the staff we have dealt with at Fyfe Moir Associates. The level of care we have received, namely from Ashley Millar and Fiona Scott., since we decided to move our payroll and VAT return has been excellent, not to forget the annual accounts which you already look after for us.


    When our office manager stepped down from our company, we were very concerned and worried about how we were going to manage this aspect of the business and who we were going to get to take over these duties. Since our chat with yourself Alan, we only have praise for you and your company. Moving our admin over to Fyfe Moir has been very easy and stress free and we appreciate the timely response we get in reply to any queries that we have.

    Many thanks from the FM Team for making the shift as straight forward as possible.


    Yours sincerely,


    S. Fraser

  • Lee McGregor - Aberdeen Diamond Detailing

    I write to commend you on the excellent job you have done when you created a projected income for Aberdeen Diamond Detailing.

    You were able to get the process started straight away with little input from myself. As I am a one man outfit, this was much appreciated due to the limited time I have free. Once you had created the projected income draft, I went in to review it only to find that it exceeded my expectations. It has given me goals to work to and even a projected account balance.


    I would have no hesitation in recommending you as I feel that Fyfe Moir & Associates consistently produces a high standard of work and are a pleasure to deal with.


    Thanks again,

    Lee McGregor

  • Antonio Tortolano

    I am writing to thank Fyfe Moir and Associates for the excellent service and commitment with assisting TT Electrical Services and Antonio’s with their annual accounts and tax returns.

    What is even more impressive is the wealth of knowledge and tax sdvice that is given and whenever I have had any queries or worries an answer or solution has been given almost by return.


    You have a terrific team with a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.


    I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending FMA to any of my clients or friends.


    Than you very much for all your help in making my business stay compliant and progress forward.


    Antonio Tortolano


01224 208729

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