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The Help to Grow Management Programme

Who is behind this course?
• The UK government.
• It was announced in the 2021 Budget.

What is the aim of this programme?
• To provide chief executives or members of a senior management team the skill set to develop their reach in growth markets.
• To improve employee engagement.
• To strengthen each business’s resilience against any future shocks.
• The Government want to ‘turbo charge’ the UK’s post Covid economic recovery.

Where can you access the course?
• This is on offer around the whole of the UK?

What is the nature of the course?
• It is a 12 week programme.
• It is designed to be manageable alongside full-time working.
• 8 online two hour sessions
• 4 practical, face to face, case study workshops.
• 1:1 support from a business mentor.
• Peer networking.
• Access to the Alumni Programme featuring events with inspirational speakers, business clinics and networking events.
• 90% subsided by the Government.
• There are 30,000 places available and the programme will be run over 3 years across the UK.
• The course will cover key areas of leadership such as: strategy and innovation; building vision and brand; adopting digital technology; growing national and international markets; engaging and inspiring teams; adopting responsible business practices; leading for high performance; creating customer value and financial management.
• By the end of the programme, you will develop a tailored business growth plan, with the aim to maximise your businesses potential.

What are the eligibility criteria?
• You must be a business which employs between 5- 249 employees.
• The business must be currently trading and has been operational for at least one year.
• You must be either the chief executive or a member of the senior management team.
• You must have at least one person who reports directly to you.
• Only one person per business can attend.
• Charities are not eligible.

What is the cost of the 12 week course?
• £750 for each participant

When can you register for a course in your area?
• You can register or express an interest in the course now, as per the link below.

H2GM Registration – Small Business Charter

If you wish to discuss the Help to Grow Management Programme or other issues please do contact us.